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Top tips for social media advertising Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – you name it, today every business is doing it. But, how does a brand actually get it right? Is it enough simply to put your name out there and hope that the crowds gather? The answer is that nothing good comes easy. Social media advertising requires time, effort and strategy to succeed. So, how should a brand go about initiating a successful social media strategy? Here...

To print or go online Online advertising has set the marketing world ablaze. Businesses are taking to social media and content marketing like never before. Online success stories are enthusiastically bandied about the boardroom the world over. But, what of print advertising? Is there still a space for traditional print communication, such as brochures and magazine ads? What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking to the online world or sticking to print? The online world is your...

The ins and outs of online marketing Today, just about every business is going online. Social media, blog posts, email campaigns, web content – it’s the name of the online marketing game. For players new to the field, what are the best techniques to kick-start your online presence? 1. Get your website looking great A good website might get a steady stream of traffic. A great website will bring in the masses, fostering a platform for interaction and word-of-mouth....