Funky Streetpole Designs for an ISPCompany Fibre Awareness Campaign

WrightMedia was approached by OpenWeb with the task of helping to bring awareness to OpenWeb’s new Fibre product offerings.  Among other platforms we also chose to create stories through directional-following- street poles. Our initial location of these adverts was dictated mainly by the clients strongest area of influence being in KZN.

The full campaign will see a successful completion once more areas have been covered within our 12 months contact agreement.

WrightMedia was contracted to create catchy street pole designs that are to be displayed at prime locations throughout the Ballito, Durban North coast area, once design was complete Sotobe Outdoor was engaged to print and place these banners along the clients chosen routes:

  • Step 1: The consultation

    Our first step in any campaign is gathering an informed brief from our client as to what the goal of the campaign is.

  • Step 2: Realise branding

    It is vital for us to ensure that all completed designs correlate with our clients branding and does not detract the message from the clients presence.

  • Step 3: Establish timeframe

    We were working on a short turn-around time as per the clients request so we ensured that we dedicated adequate resources to the campaign.

WrightMedia designers and campaign managers only utilise genuine Adobe Software for all design phases.

Understanding the requirements of the print industry in order to achieve the end result our client expects is vital to the success of the campaign. We setup all our documents to design at 100% real life size, our investment in the best quality computers and hardware ensures that this is a possible.

Our design guidelines were based upon our consultation with the client, Our funky little mascot draws attention to viewers of the adverts as well as incorporates a feeling of fun into the designs. We chose the font Sansation for the designs based on the direction of the brief as well as feedback from our client.

Our end results can be seen below, we also provided a design mockup on a street pole for our client in order to help visualise our work in a real world scene.

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