28 Feb

Top tips for social media advertising

Top tips for social media advertising

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – you name it, today every business is doing it. But, how does a brand actually get it right? Is it enough simply to put your name out there and hope that the crowds gather? The answer is that nothing good comes easy. Social media advertising requires time, effort and strategy to succeed.

So, how should a brand go about initiating a successful social media strategy? Here are a few top tips to get the ball rolling.

Get your goals straight

First of all, it is crucial to identity your objectives. Social media can be a powerful tool to communicate with potential customers. Yet, the message communicated should be consistent. More than this, the message should bear a particular goal in mind. If you are pushing sales and discounts, make sure that messages across various platforms shout your price. But, remember, your content still needs to create value. If there is one thing customers hate, it is feeling as if businesses are merely after their hard-earned cash. If it is a price advantage which you are pushing, be sure to show the value which this generates for the customer. Alternatively, if you are creating awareness and loyalty, get your brand ideals across. Show potential customers why these ideals are to be trusted and treasured.

It’s all about relationships

Secondly, remember that successful social media advertising is all about establishing relationships. It is about creating value, rather than merely pushing your brand at the customer. Make sure that your messages are insightful and that your content is exciting and something worth sharing. It is about fostering two-way communication, where customers feel free to interact with you. Listen to what others have to say, entering into relevant conversations and responding to all messages directed at you. It is essential not to disappear on social media. Rather, be reliable and available, responsive and interactive. That way, you are more likely to build trust and nurture a network of faithful followers.

Find the right people

Social media revolves around word-of-mouth. If an offering is good, people will hear about it. If an offering is great, it will go viral. But, it is not simply about offering something great. It is about finding the right influencers with the right following to get your message out there. For this reason, it is crucial to take the time to find the right people in your market. Look out for those with industry knowledge or an interest in your field. Be sure that they have authority in the market and a devoted and interactive audience. Then, get out there and engage with them, where your goal is to establish a relationship based on trust. In turn, they will share your great news.

Successful social media advertising is not something which happens overnight. It takes time and patience. It is about relationships and trust. But, where brands are prepared to put in the effort, the rewards are golden indeed.

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