Online Monitoring

With so many mentions, tweets, comments, reviews and shares taking place in the online world, keeping track of your brand or monitoring for possible leads can seem an impossible task. What makes our approach so unique is that whilst we use automated software to monitor and index results for keywords, we also focus in on sentiment with real people still making those important distinctions between what results are important to our clients and their business.

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” (Jeff Bezos)

Monitoring Software

We have created our own online monitoring solution by combining the most practical features from the most advanced software solutions in the world. The BrandWatch Vizia platform offers ensures that we never miss a thing when it comes to monitoring your brand online!

What We Can Monitor

  • Mentions of keywords on social media
  • Reviews of brands and businesses online
  • Latest industry trends and market changes
  • Competitor campaigns and strategies
  • Backlinks and Negative seo attacks
  • Images and Video meta tags
  • Content plagarism and duplicate content
  • Info gathering and databasing of online conversations
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