28 Feb 2017

Online vs Print Advertising pros and cons

To print or go online

Online advertising has set the marketing world ablaze. Businesses are taking to social media and content marketing like never before. Online success stories are enthusiastically bandied about the boardroom the world over. But, what of print advertising? Is there still a space for traditional print communication, such as brochures and magazine ads? What are the advantages and disadvantages of taking to the online world or sticking to print?

The online world is your playground

One of the major advantages of online advertising is its ability to reach global audiences. Successful social media campaigns have the potential to go viral, pulling in customers from every corner of the world. Today, more and more businesses are seeking international customers. Online advertising offers the perfect avenue to get in touch with a global customer base and to build a brand which is trusted worldwide. More than this, the online community is all about word-of-mouth. Friends share with friends and followers. People tweet and post and like. If your online offering is simply fabulous, in no time you will hop, skip and jump across the planet. Alternatively, print advertising is limited geographically. For instance, magazine ads might only be affordable when placed locally. Similarly, flyers can only be physically circulated within smaller areas.

Paper stands the test of time

One of the most significant benefits of print advertising is that it lasts. Although social media posts, blogs and web content can be made available for years to come, they often do not trend for lengthy periods of time. But, good print advertising, such as a magazine ad or a press release in an industry publication, lasts for years. Every time the publication is flipped through, no matter how briefly, your communication comes to life again. Browsing through a publication often takes time and so, where your communication is well positioned, this will have lasting benefits. On the other hand, browsers of the web often use ad-blocking software, which might prove problematic for communication efforts. Of course, where customers seek your content out, this is another matter altogether.

What about the costs?

There is no doubt that online advertising, where this is focused, insightful and aimed at building relationships with customers, is invaluable to brands. In fact, in today’s world, every business should be online. But, print advertising still has its place. Yet, what about the costs? Print advertising, such as newspaper ads or even pamphlets and flyers, can be extremely expensive and might eat up an entire marketing budget. On the other hand, online advertising is far cheaper and can reach far more potential customers per cent spent.

In the end, it seems that the advantages of online advertising are not to be taken lightly. But, this is not to say that print advertising is a thing of the past. When executed well, print advertising can draw in the crowds. However, in our modern world, the bottom line is that businesses simply cannot afford to miss out on the digital revolution.

28 Feb 2017

5 DIY tips for online marketing

The ins and outs of online marketing

Today, just about every business is going online. Social media, blog posts, email campaigns, web content – it’s the name of the online marketing game. For players new to the field, what are the best techniques to kick-start your online presence?

1. Get your website looking great

A good website might get a steady stream of traffic. A great website will bring in the masses, fostering a platform for interaction and word-of-mouth. Remember, your website must be the focal point of your online marketing efforts. Messages on other platforms need to direct potential customers to your site. Once they are on your site, they need to stay there. Ease of use, fabulous content and great visual appeal – these are the cornerstones of crafting a website worth visiting.

2. Start a blog

One way in which to get customers returning to your website is to start your own blog. The purpose of this blog should be about creating value. Certainly, your blog provides an opportunity to use new keywords and put yourself on the global search engine map. But, it is not a place merely to push your own product. Rather, it is a space to offer insights, share your industry expertise and nurture relationships with your customers. It is a place where customers should be able to seek you out, trusting that you have their best interests at heart.

3. Get involved in online communities

Creating an online presence is about showing others that you are a reliable authority in your field. It is about fostering a community who look to you for guidance and support. One of the best ways to prove your value is to get involved in online communities. Put yourself out there and offer to write blog posts for niche communities. There is a community for just about everything online. Go out there and find those which will be relevant to you, where your aim is to become a contributing member.

​​4. Use the power of email

Although email marketing is hardly new, it is still a critical part of any successful online marketing campaign. But, sending out bulk emails which simply clutter inboxes is not the way to win hearts. Rather, be sure that you are talking to the right people and sending them the right messages.

5. Be smart on social media

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, offer unparalleled access to your customer base. When done right, there is nothing more effective than a successful social media campaign. But remember, it is not simply about tossing your name out and hoping for a response. Instead, social media is about two-way conversations, where the aim is fostering meaningful and on-going relationships. It is about taking the time and putting in the effort, where building trust is the ultimate goal.

Taking your brand online should not be about ticking another box. Rather, it is about building relationships, nurturing trust and showing the online community that you are an expert in your field. In the end, it can make all the difference, putting you firmly ahead of the game.

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