Location Based Networks
Offering a location based community network comprising of
over 20 social pages and over 80 000 local followers, we are
able to target online advertising towards specific cities, towns,
income groups and racial profiles throughout South Africa.
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Are you too busy?
The fact is that regardless of your position
you have your own responsibilities that
need attention, our staff work as if they are
part of your team!
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Want your own station?
WrightMedia consultancy along with WesWright™
media expertise, offer FM & Online Radio services
to many of the current stations and streams within
South Africa already, imagine what we can do for you!
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What do we monitor?
We are constantly monitoring social networks
and website for our clients chosen keywords.
This ensures that our clients know what the
latest trends in their industry are.
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  • Targeted Ads

    We can target your online advertising to specific markets and locations throughout South Africa.

  • Radio & Broadcasting

    We help establish FM and online streaming platforms, holding all licenses necessary.

  • Trend Monitoring

    We monitor trends online and often share these trends with industry related clients.

  • Online Reputation

    Boasting powerful listening and reporting tools, we can monitor your brand online.

  • Press Releases

    We offer PR and communication services boasting an average 1:20 return on investment.

  • Online Consultancy

    We bring over 10 years expertise and a proven track record with our consultancy.

Are you into MARKETING?

  • We are your marketing tool

    As one of the first media firms in South Africa to offer a completely white-label service to marketers and PR firms, you can greatly improve your results whilst gaining from years of experience.

  • A Transparent Partnership

    As a registered agency you receive all the benefits that our direct corporate clients do but with at a minimum 10% discounted rate. In addition only registered partners may resell ad slots on WrightMedia owned networks.



Over the last decade we have developed one of the most intuitive brand monitoring applications in the country, this allows us to be on top of all online mentions and brand management abilities.

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Our outdoor media management teams distribute your campaign from online based ads and out onto billboards, street advertising, vehicle ads and all other outdoor based advertising platforms.

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InsideMedia brings unique digital screen and info system advertising solutions to the masses. Whilst a relatively new brand InternetMedia has partnered with other providers to offer over 3 000 digital ad spaces in business parks as well as even airports in South Africa.

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Forget about having to constantly monitor your online reputation, we provide UNLIMITED mentions and monitoring interactions plans, so relax and trust in the best!*

Contact us below to create a plan that suits you!